Saint Genis Pouilly's History

In the past, Saint Genis Pouilly was originally called Pouilly-Saint-Genis (or Saint-Genix).
It's in the year 1887 that the definitive name "Saint Genis Pouilly" appeared in the Civil Registry..

Pouilly, a Roman City
"Pouilly" comes from the latin word "Appoliacum", it is likely that under the roman occupation the temple of the village was dedicated to Appollon !

Judging by the many Antique vestiges we discovered,St Genis Pouily appears to have been in the past a very important settling for the Roman colony. By searching in the cemetery around the old church,we have found many cellars,coffins,gold chains and money which were given to the historical Museum of Geneva.

The Middle Age...
In the 15th century, the Hamlet of Pouilly has known a time of prosperity. Fields were given from counts of Savoie to the monks who cleared up the swampy region and built an abbey church.

The Bernese razed the city...
Pouilly-Saint-Genix welcomed many foreigners looking for asylum and searching for a job.

The prosperity ended when the Bernese invaded the city in 1536. The city including the monastery and the hamlets were destroyed and burned. The church was spared and transformed into a shop.

17th century
Toward 1666, the 300 people who settled in Saint-Genix lived very simply from the vines,wheat and hemp. They restored and maintained three bridges of wood and a plank to cross the rivers named "the Lion" and the "Allondon". The bridges were built for the donkeys carrying goods from Lyon to bring them to Switzerland.

An open city...
Over the time Saint Genis acquired more significance.Pouilly-Saint-Genix became Saint-Genis-Pouilly !

by Loic
on 21/08/11 at 14h25